Sensor Cleaner +1

Sensor Cleaner +1 is regarded as the innovative and unique perfect device for your house; it is composed by an automatic robot and a manual vacuum system to get a deep cleanliness on every surfaces.

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Abosolute news

Sensor Cleaner +1, unique product in ROBOT VACUUM SYSTEMS 3-D generation.

Sensor Cleaner +1 can clean every kind of surfaces because it is provided by a traction function letting it overstep up to 2 cm steps and obstacles. Its “super slim” design (9,5 cm only) lets a perfect cleaning of areas under sofas and reduced height beds. The rotating brushes included in the Sensor Cleaner +1, are 15 cm longer than the traditional ones, they can be removed and they can be replaced by a “click”. The accessories kit includes two additional spare brushes.

Innovation and technology

The Sensor Cleaner +1 uses an innovative cleaning system: you can choose the automatic robot or the manual sucker: this one gets excellent cleaning performances by its SUPERSONIC SYSTEM. The SUPERSONIC SYSTEM is an innovative filtering system working on three steps to make a sucking flux causing a cyclone effect inside the cylinder. In this way, dirtiness and dust are canalised inside the collecting area quickly and easily. The HEPA FILTER filters the drained air. The SUPERSONIC SYSTEM needs no bags.

New sensors for a deeper cleaning performance

The Sensor Cleaner +1 is equipped with new sensors making it a safer and more autonomous cleaning instrument. There are closeness, dirtiness detection collision, and falling sensors.

Efficient cleaning programs

The Sensor Cleaner +1 sets the  cleaning program to the detected dirtiness intensity, the kind of floors and surfaces. The weekly programme lets plan Sensor Cleaner +1’ s functions, day by day up to twice in the same day! When the cleaning cycle has finished or the battery has discharged, the Sensor Cleaner +1 comes in its recharge site and release the dirtiness tank and in few seconds it will be ready for a new cleaning cycle.

It is provided by a new more powerful battery and the Sensor Cleaner +1 has a 120 minutes autonomy when working.

Technical sheet
Product name SENSOR CLEANER +1
Sensors Antifall, anticollision, cleaning on very dirt surface, virtual wall
Dimensions (cm) and weight (kg) 30×9 cm – 3,4 kg
Cleaning programs 4
Filter HEPA
Noisiness dbA =<60
Suction power 30W (robot);  300W (manual hoover)
Automatic start 2 daily programs of automatic start
Daily working surface (mq) 150mq
Suction speed (m/sec) 0,25 m/sec
Tank capacity (L) 0,7
Power source 12V – 2500 MHA
Batteries NIMH
Working endurance (min) 120 min
Recharge time (h) 3 hours
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