USB Car ionizer and deodorizing

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Car ionizer and air purifying

 New car ionizer to purify inside the car: this practical, useful device is perfect in removing bad smell and bacteria.

This small, elegant and smart car ionizer is really unique: as it purifies air, it smells it nice.

Choose your favorite aroma

By pressing the specific area on the upper part of the ionizer you will smell your car; in your kit, put in a pretty flower box, you will find five different aromas, composed by 2 tabs each. The smelling emitting lasts about one hour, just the time to smell your car as a new one.

In addition, the car purifying ionizer is very useful in

  • Remove bad smell as cigarette smoking
  • Its combined action of active oxygen molecules let remove bacteria and virus

  • The USB port lying on its higher part, lets you charge your smartphones and mobile phones

Enjoy a clean and smelling car for hours, thanks to this ionizer, the perfect one in removing bacteria and microbes by aromatizing your car.

Technical sheet
NameCar ionizer
Power supplyCar lighter
Smartphone charger2A
Tablet charger2A
Number of USB plugs1
Exit voltage 5V
Using Range4,75V- 5,25V
PurificatorActive oxygen ions
Ions’ density 1.200.000 pcs/cm3
Concentration of ozone>0,02ppm

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Green, Light blue

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