Lawnmower Robot Mythos Top 2017

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Lawnmower Robot Mythos Top 2017

The Robot Mythos Top 2017 is the last news in the field of lawnmowers and it is the perfect solution to trim medium and small mows and gardens with greatest ease. It can move from an area to another one in full autonomy, it can dodge any kind of obstacle, if it rains or when it needs to be charged it comes back to its base in an autonomous way.

An ideal ally

Robot Mythos Top is a lawnmower robot equipped with a perimetric line and it can trim up a 3000 m² surface. Mythos Top is the new lawnmower that is the solution to have a well-tended garden but they don’t have time enough. Mythos Top is very easy to be used: you need to set it up.. and it will think about the rest!

Lots of programs for your garden

Mythos Top is equipped with more than one program  to have a complete care and cleaning of your garden. The new Mythos Top by the “Calendar program and the “Work Program” trim your garden even if you are not at home.

Innovative sensors

Mythos Top works inside the areas enclosed by the virtual line  and it covers up to a 3000 m² surface. You can plan the starting hour of its activity. Mythos Top provides different work programs: spiral, zig zag or diagonal one.

Technologies for you

Mythos Top 2017 edition is the most equipped robot and one of the cheapest on the market. Mythos Top is equipped with new and innovative sensors making it safer and more autonomous. The rolling action performed by the blade lets get the “Mulching” effect which fits to the natural fertilizing of the grass of your garden.

News 2017

Since today Mythos Top has become more innovative:  you can download the new free App that lets you have the remote control of your a lawnmower robot, plan the activities and the areas to be treated, and you could do everything by your smartphone or tablet. So what are you waiting for? Download it, you can find it in the iOS or Android stores.

Main features

  • Water proof
  • Pressure sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Rising sensor
  • Backlighted LCD display
  • “Zone” cut program
  • Language option
Technical sheet
Overall weight 22Kg
Lawnmower weight 19Kg
Dimensions (mm) 605x465x280
Power (Watt) 85W
Blades N. 4
Blades speed 35m/min
Blade rotating speed 3000rpm
Cut Width / height 28cm / 2,5-6cm
Maximum working tilt 30°
Full charge working surface 800mq(+-20%)
Max Area of work 2600mq(+-20%)
Standard virtual wire lenght 100m
Virtual wire width 0,5cm
Remote controller range 6m
Battery type Li-ON
Current 6.0Ah
Charge time 5-6h
Endurance 5-6h
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