Lawnmower Robot Mythos Smart

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Lawnmower Robot Mythos Smart

Robot Mythos Smart is just the solution to trim medium and small mows and gardens without any strain! In addition it has a four hours working autonomy, rain sensors and inclination. It can work up to 100 metres through the “virtual line”. Its lithium battery lets it to last for a long time.

Unbeatable performance

The  Mythos Smart lawnmower robot  is the ideal solution to trim medium and small mows and gardens  up to 1500 m². Its clever program lets Mythos Smart operate on an area enclosed by paving and or by barriers like walls, fences and others.

Clever program

When the Mythos Smart lawnmower robot detects the lack of grass or an obstacle along its way it changes its trajectory and it carries on with its trimming in other directions. This principle lets the robot to perform the automatic and complete trimming of the enclosed area of grass. This light and clever device is equipped by long lasting lithium batteries.

Innovative control

The Mythos Smart lawnmower robot is provided by a new free App letting the owner to program it in remote control too: you can download this app by iOS or Android, and you will be able to control your robot, plan its work and the areas to be trimmed by the configurations in your smartphone or tablet.

Technical sheet
Overall weight 18Kg
Lawnmower weight 15Kg
Dimensions (mm) 560x515x250
Power (Watt) 82W
Blades N. 2
Blades speed 4000rpm
Cut speed 20m/min
Cut width / height 28cm / 3-4cm
Maximum working tilt 30°
Full charge working surface 600mq(+-20%)
Maximum working surface area 1500mq(+-20%)
Standard virtual wire lenght 100m
Remove control range 6m
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