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Hoover wireless without sacks Turbo Power 2 in 1

The cordless vacuum cleaner Turbo Power is very practical and easy to handle: it includes two products in one, the standing vacuum cleaner and the mobile aspirator. The cordless Turbo Power vacuum cleaner is the ideal device to clean any kind of floors,  but also cars, camping vans and boats, too.

The vacuum cleaner sharing in two parts

The new cordless Turbo Power 2 in 1 hoover will let you clean any kind of surface, wood tiled floors, carpets but also cars, camper vans and boats. Indeed, Turbo Power is an innovative vacuum cleaner  thanks to its chance to use the hand- aspirator detaching it from the principal body of the device easily. In this way, you will be able to clean in depth  the surfaces you can’t get with a traditional hoover.

Comfort fisrt of all

The Turbo Power vacuum cleaner is cordless: it has no bulky wires making hard its use, and in addition it is equipped with a powerful rechargeable lithium battery you can charge by a current charger. This charger is very functional because, it carries two functions out: it recharges the battery and, it is a comfortable support where you can put your Turbo Power once you have finished using it. Its grip is comfortable and easy to be used: you can fold it up to reduce its seized space at home.

Cyclonic aspiration system

When using the vacuum, you can choose two aspiration speed modes by the switch setting its intensity. In addition, you can always notice its energetic autonomy level just by watching the indicator of the battery lying on its top.

Easy to use

The Turbo Power 2 in 1 vacuum works by a cyclonic aspiration system that includes a comfortable aspiration system not using the traditional container bag: it removes the dust in the air inside the box, helped by the washable HEPA filter, letting an eco-friendly dirtiness disposal and a very deep cleaning of every surface.

Accessories for a perfect cleaning

The Turbo Power  vacuum is equipped with a large set of accessories letting a much deeper cleaner: a container for the  filter and one for the dust  (both of them can be removed to be cleaned and guarantee high  performances of the instrument at every use) and a little rotating brush to have a deep cleaning of all the surfaces.

Technical sheet
Product name Turbo Power VC2932
Power source Lithium battery
Power 21,6V – 2000mAH
Work endurance 30min
Suction power Comparable to 2000W
Tipe of suction cyclonic system
Hoover filter HEPA – no sack
Dirty tank (l) 0,4l
Dimensions (mm) 1166x260x190
Weight (Kg) 2,8

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