Multifunctional Univapor

Univapor: a multifunctional system to cleanse, clear and sanitise. It carries three functions out: it cleans in depth by using the power of the steam, its filter  catches the most difficult dirtiness and its sucking power dries all the surfaces. Only one instrument doing all these functions!

Only one instrument carrying three functions out: buy it and say goodbye to dusty and bulky bags, and to dropping tanks.

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Sparkling surfaces

Univapor is unique in its category: it gathers three advanced cleaning systems letting get your surfaces always clean and sanitised. The steam action mixed to the hot water and drying function will help you to  make your surfaces, included the cloth ones, as sparkling as never you have seen them!

Innovative technology

Univapor can be used both for home and professional cleaning: its advanced multifunctional  technology lets clean every kind of surface in a very quick, easy and efficient  way. Its three functions will make the dirtiness a far memory!

Easy, fast and unique

Univapor uses only one element: water. Its innovative features lets it use water and steam to get excellent performances in cleaning, washing and degreasing any kind of surfaces catching the most difficult dirtiness inside the specific filter.

WEll-finished design, guaranteed cleanliness

Univapor  can be considered the perfect union between the power of steam and the innovation of the aspiration systems. Its innovative design, developed to set all its functions to get excellent performances, makes any step a very easy and quick operation. You will forget dusty bags, dropping tanks; no clumsy and hard moves more but just quick, easy ,total cleanliness.

Technical sheet
Power source voltage 230 v 50 Hz
Boiler absorbed power 1400W
Motor absorbed power 1200 W
Iron absorbed power 850 W
Maximum total absorbed power 2600 W
Boiler water capacity 1,1 l
Boiler steam capacity 1,5 l
Maximum pressure 4,8 bar (480kpa)
Maximum depression 2400 mmH2O
Air flow 76 m3/h
5 filtering barriers water filter, polyester, steel, antistathic, motor cooling filter
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