Floor washer and vacuum cleaner Robot 7000 Gold

The new robot 7000 Gold is the top of  the production in 2017, it belongs to  the group of instruments  linking the sucking to the washing function.  It has marked an important step in  the field of home cleaning.

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The robot is composed by two rear rotating brushes collecting and leading dust and dirtiness to the central sucking brush. The innovative BLDC sucking system is its  advantage than the other robots and, in addition it has a more powerful sucking power.
Its reduced energy consumption as well as its cleaning autonomy have been caused by the innovative production technology.

Suction – BLDC System

The robot 7000 Gold is equipped with all the accessories letting the floor washing. The kit includes a tank containing the cleanser (150ml) and a support setting the washable microfiber cloth.  The  robot sucks and washes at the same time, but by activating one of the 3 programmes (bends, concentric , zigzag) or one of the 4 cleaning programmes, you can set the functions you need.

Shadow feature

Its  8,2 cm profile lets this instrument detect the most difficult areas to be washed, like under beds and sofas; after this step it activates the “intense cleaning” program to get a better result. The robot is equipped with a light sensor intensifying the cleaning function in the most difficult areas.

LiFEPO4 Supply

The robot is supplied by last generation lithium batteries much more performing than traditional supply systems and more recyclable. The Lithium Iron Phosphate LIFEPO4 battery recharges in a very little time and it can cover up to 1000 cycles of complete recharge while the traditional lithium batteries can cover a maximum of 300 cycles.

Technical sheet
Product name 7000 GOLD
Sensors Impact, collision, obstacle, dirt
Diameter (cm) 34,8
Height(cm) 8,2
Microfiber cloth cleaning area (cm²) 460
Main functions Sucking – Hibrid (sucking+washing) – washing (with water tank and microfiber cloth)
Cycle washing surface 60mq
Working endurance Normal: 120min – Turbo: 80min
Filter Double multilayer filter
Cleaning programs 7
Dust tank capacity (l) 0,6
Water tank capacity (l) 0,15
Batteries LiFEPO4 – 2800mAh
Battery life over 1000 full charge cycles
Recharge time 120min
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